A Wooden Wheel

We have had these wooden wheels hanging on our fence for as long as we have lived here, but I have never looked at them closely until today. The fence itself is made of 2×4 spaced out just perfectly by a half of an inch. It stands about 8 feet tall and a half a foot above the ground. It carries various of colours like tan, brown, grey giving off the distressed look of old barn wood. Some boards carry more grey and have that older look where the others look as if they were just bought from a lumber yard but are wet. Every board has a number of wood knots throughout, some bigger then the others. Behind the wood and in between the cracks peaks through the bright blue skies to about the middle of the boards. Shadows and darkness peaks through the bottom half of the fence leaving dead grass and fallen leaves.

When looking at the wheel specifically, you see a circular objects. One circular object is an outside rim which is about 2 inches wide. On that outside rim lay half spheres equally spaced in two layers; the top layer placed and then the bottom layer placed in-between the spaces from the top layer. They are dark in colour with shadows hanging on the bottom giving them a form look. Inside the circular rim is a transparent circle that has another shape inside of it. It is almost as if it looks like a star since it is big in the middle and then has tubular points leaving from the middle and getting smaller, then meeting the outside rim and connecting. There are twelve of them spaced out evenly. The whole wheel itself it a dark grey colour from being out in the elements. The old barn wood look with the lighter colour grooves of the wood. The wheel and fence at rustic beauty to our yard and will continue to do so and change overtime due to the elements.

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