My Tin Watering Can

My tin watering stands about a foot tall and a foot and half in length if you are measuring from the end of the pouring sprout to the handle. Bright, shiny and silver in colour with a few dents and scratches here and there. Starting at the left at the pouring spout is a circular shape that turns into a wide cone shape which meets a long tin tube. On that circular spout is hundreds of tiny, pin like holes. It starts with one pinhole in a circle. Then in another outlined circle sit more pinholes and the pattern repeats until you get to the edge of the spout circle.

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The long tube connects the spout to the body of my watering can with the help of a small piece of tin which holds it pointing up. The body is one big cylinder with two lines stacked on top of each other one inch from the top opening and another line by itself one inch from the closed bottom. There is a one inch thick handle folded to the side, pointing to the left which is attached to the top middle by a screw. There is also a raised lid which only covers the left half of my watering can to prevent the water from spilling out when I pour it. It has a raised circle in the middle giving it design. At the very right of my watering can it a handle shaped like a half of a heart. It starts at the top and moves away from my watering can just to meet it back at the bottom again.

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It sits on a wet, wooden deck, with planks that lay diagonally. The wood planks have many knots as well as cracks and lines which stand out due to it being damp. I can smell the damp would sitting here from my desk writing about it. In-between the cracks where another board lays beside are fallen leaves that have become wedged in there. Most of them are piled up along our long, rectangular yellow home, especially underneath of our white window.

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