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Learning project process and updates


I am quickly realizing that learning a new skill from online sources is maybe not as easy as I thought it would be. I have been working on my journey of braiding hair and quickly realized that it is in fact not as easy as it looks and I did not pick it up instantly.…

By Stella Mulatz June 15, 2024 0

Double Trouble with Braids

This week had many ups and downs with my braiding progress. I have been really enjoying the process of watching tutorials and reading websites about tips and tricks to help improve my braids. The website I used this week was the Instructables website. This website is super cool because it shows you pictures and words…

By Stella Mulatz May 31, 2024 4

Wiki (not) How

I used a Wiki How resource for the first part of my learning project. I found this resource very frustrating because it gave really good instructions and demonstrations on how to braid someone else’s hair, but while working on my own I found it very difficult to know where my fingers were and which directions…

By Stella Mulatz May 26, 2024 3