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Weekly posts from class prompts

Networked Learning Post

As I am finishing up the spring semester and this class, we are asked to consider the following question: How have I contributed to the learning of others? This is a loaded question and I’m going to break it down into two smaller categories: In class and outside of class. In class, I believe I…

By Stella Mulatz June 26, 2024 0

Magic School AI

AI has become huge recently! It seems like just yesterday people joked about robots taking over the world and taking over jobs and now it seems not so mich like a joke. There are so many things AI can do that can be really dangerous or bad but there is also lots of benefits to…

By Stella Mulatz June 19, 2024 0

Learning to Code

This week we explored code. I used Scratch as I had heard a little bit about it before and seen it used in a classroom I thought it would be a good tool to know how to use so I can incorporate it into my student’s work. To start I just watched the original tutorial…

By Stella Mulatz June 16, 2024 0

Not Fake News

Our world is so heavily dependent on social media and the internet to get our news. I know for myself when I hear any sort of news I go and google it to read more about it and having the digital literacy skills to decide what is important and what is reliable is a must-have…

By Stella Mulatz June 14, 2024 3

My Cyber Safety Experience

Growing up I remember constantly being taught to be aware of my digital footprint, paying attention to what I am doing online and if I am being safe. I think the main tactic used with people my age in school, from teachers and parents, was a scare tactic. We were constantly told that negative and…

By Stella Mulatz May 31, 2024 3

Animoto For The Win!

This week I tested out a new tech tool I had never heard of called Animoto. It is a quick and easy video maker. To get started using this tool, I watched one of the tutorials they had on the website called “Quick Start Guide to Making a Video”. This guide makes it super straightforward…

By Stella Mulatz May 23, 2024 2