Truth and Reconciliation

Teaching ResourcesĀ 

Many teachers during my field experience used educational websites while teaching and were kind enough to share these resources with me.

  • HopScotch Songs
  • Free Books Online
  • Kahoot
  • Go Noodle
    • This is great for students who need a brain break. Or during indoor recess, allows children to be active in a small space and release some built-up emotions.
  • Online Worksheets
    • My teachers used this to give students extra work for when they finished the task they were assigned extra time left before moving on.
  • Khan Academy
    • Khan Academy has many educational videos or tutorials and is a great way to incorporate another type of teaching besides just talking yourself.
    • A game similar to Kahoot but with math questions. Tracks accuracy, and progress of the entire class, allows teachers to see which students are struggling and which questions are weak spots for the class.
    • Online reading resource for kids of all ages
    • Online reading resource for students