Journey to Reconciliation

For a school project this semester, we completed a journey toward reconciliation assignment where we had to create an aesthetic representation for our own personal journey.

For my aesthetic representation, I used words that I thought were of importance when discussing reconciliation and Indigenous Cultures. I took these words and placed them into the shape of a turtle. I did this to connect the creation story of the Ojibwa people and my own journey. The creation story of the Ojibwa people reflects when the creator flooded the earth, the turtle offered his back to carry some of the other animals who had dove to the bottom of the water and grabbed some dirt. That dirt was placed on the turtle’s back and there the land formed. This is why North America is also known as Turtle Island because the turtle is carrying us all on his back. I connected this to my journey towards reconciliation because just as Turtle Island is the beginning of their story, I am at the beginning of my story. Eventually, as I continue to learn and gain knowledge, I will be a better fit to educate future generations.  I will always be continuing my journey toward reconciliation and working to make the most inclusive classroom I can. It is our responsibility as future educators to take the time to learn these topics so we can pass on this knowledge and help more students begin their journey toward reconciliation.