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“We need technology in every classroom and every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world” – David Warlick

I believe this quotation has explained that technological knowledge is a must in today’s world. I have learned a lot of things in my EDTC300 course. Even I used some of the concepts in my pre-internship. I learned from others and helped others to learn by using different platforms. These platforms include Twitter, Discord, My Blogposts, and comments on other blog posts. Here is a little summary of how I contributed to EDTC300. But first I would like to talk about my takeaways from EDTC300 class.

Learning Summary-



Since this term, I am continuously using Twitter every single day. In requirements, we were asked to share one post and one comment every day but when I started using Twitter it became a part of my everyday routine. I used Twitter to share my blogs, educational resources, articles, and retweets. For my pre-internship, I took the help of different resources available and shared them with others on Twitter. Here is an overview of my Twitter account and Tweets & replies section-


Also, I contributed to others’ tweets by commenting on them-

Here are some examples of chat and questions I did comment on-




#Mathantics was my savior during my pre-internship math lectures.


It was the first time I was using discord. After that, I am using discord for chat discussions for group assignments. I believe it was the least used platform in this course but still, I tried my best to get involved on discord. Here are some screenshots of when I contributed to others’ questions or asked questions.


My Blogs-

For a very long time, I was trying to start blogging or vlogging but due to my busy schedule, I never get this chance. Through this course, I started writing my blog posts and I expressed my areas of interest. The learning project provided me with the opportunity to fulfill my dream of photography. I shared resources and videos in my blogs that helped me to learn professional photography. Also, try to help my classmates how to click good pictures based on my learning.

Here is a snapshot of my blog collection-


Blog commenting-

Commenting on others’ blogs was a way to connect with others and learn from them. It allows me to participate in others’ learning. I realized reading and commenting on others’ blog posts made me learn different things such as Knitting, different dance forms, drumming, etc. it was a fun journey for me and I would try to keep learning from others’ blog posts.


Thankyou Everyone for your help. All the best!


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