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Learning Blog #15- Internet Traps

This week I have tried to be an investigator as I cyber sleuth one of my classmates. I did not know that I can be a detective. This blog was one of the fun blogs. So here are my investigation results.

I put my classmate’s name on Google and that took me to her education blog website. I got most of the information from their blogs.

Also, I was able to find their Twitter account and there was a lot of educational material shared in the tweets. Overall, her digital identity talks a lot about education, maths solutions, and video games.

So, one thing I noticed, is her digital presence is what she has decided to share via her blogs and Twitter handle. In another, she has a positive digital presence, because she shares what she wants.

Talking about digital Identity, recently I taught about digital footprint in my class. In my opinion, these two terms are very close as both deal with the online presence of an individual. In this broader sense, a digital identity is a facet of a person’s social identity and is also referred to as an online identity. Nowadays it’s very common for all of us to search for unknown people on the internet. I think our digital identity represents us in front of visible as well as invisible audiences and it is sufficient to leave a positive or negative impression of ourselves.

Sometimes our identity can be used by others to get benefits from it. As discussed in the blog My example of cybersleuthing is that catfishing is one of the activities in which people use fake digital identities to engage in online relationships. In that way using social media can create problems but with the proper knowledge, it can be an asset.

Learning Blog #14- Digital Footprint

Today’s world is changing and getting more and more digitalized. So, all of us need to adapt according to the changing surrounding otherwise we will leave behind with limited access to knowledge and benefits. I am learning a lot about digital literacy in my EDTC300 course. Even last week we discussed trolling and the Media bias chart. Trolling is a mischievous activity that may or may not have the intent to cause distress but sometimes it Is used to defame someone or to destroy the reputation of some organization(Media manipulation and disinformation online).

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Learning Blog #13 – Story telling with Photography : Week 9

So, one aspect of photography is it is a very powerful tool for storytelling.

A picture can say thousands of words.

As I am practicing my photography, this week yet again I have spent quite a time following various photographers. One thing,  I have realized is one drawback of self-driven digital learning; we often get lost or hit a wall without any clear direction. Until 2 days back I wasn’t sure at all what I want to write my blog about this week.

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Learning Blog #12 – HOW TO Photograph the Northern Lights: Week 8

In my 2nd blog <link> I mentioned; Saskatchewan is called the “land of the living sky”.

And my long been bucker list is; to see “northern lights”.  Before I moved to Saskatoon, I had no idea light are visible from here. I was so happy when I got to know; we can see the northern lights from here.  To my disappointment, I am yet to see one almost after being 7 months here.  Mosely because of myself, being hesitant to step out in dark. (Though, I have been able to gather the courage to go out for light hunting, both times with no luck).

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Learning Blog #11 : Mario’s Secret Adventure

I am a person who always hated coding. I am not sure why but the first time when I saw code in my life, I always tried to avoid everything associated with coding. Here we are learning and doing the coding. I can’t believe that I did the coding myself. As learned in the EDTC300 lecture, First I tried to use scratch. I signed up and tried to explore scratch with hope, hope that lasted for 10 minutes as it was confusing for me and I gave up on scratch. Then I tried to explore option 2  Hour of Code. It took me to its first page, and I saw Mario Game. I used to play this game a lot when I was a child. So, I chose to play Mario’s Secret Adventure: Build Your Own 3D Mario Game.

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Learning Blog #9 : Digital Citizenship

In a world of technology, it is essential to stay connected with technology and media. Everyone has digital access in form of gadgets and the internet. In EDTC 300 lectures we are learning a lot about digital citizenship and cyberbullying lately. Additionally, I believe every innovation has its pros and cons, and so the technology. On one side effective use of technology can keep us updated and increase our chances of success. On the other hand, overuse, and misuse of technology create chaos and difficulties for us. In this context, digital access is no different than nuclear energy, It can be a force of environment-friendly source of energy, but can also be a force of destruction as we have seen in the past.

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Learning Blog #10 – More on how photography works: Week 7

“The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know” –Aristotle

As I am trying to do more stuff with DSLR and phone cameras. And every question “How do I do that”, is taking me down one rabbit hole to another. Thus, this week again has been back to books for me and my google hunt has bought me to this yet another wonderful article:


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Learning Blog #8 – photography-composition: Week 6

So, for a few weeks, I have a camera in my hands.  While I am learning how to take photos with this camera. It’s proving harder for me to carry around all the time with me. As I stated in the first blog one thing I will do most throughout my journey is  “Take my camera everywhere”. Well, I might not be able to able to take a DSLR with me all time, I have my phone with me all time. So, from here on I will be mixing up both devices in my journey.

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Learning Blog #7 : Cyber Safety Week 6

While I am glad to see after moving to Canada, this topic is being discussed. Back at home in India, Cyberbullying is a problem that, not many parents, even teachers are not aware of, let alone be the understanding of this issue.

I would start by acknowledging, I was not much aware of the scale of this issue until I discussed it in my class. I was even shocked to see If I google this topic; with “Canada” (or any other developed); there will good number of support articles.  But, when I search the same context with “India”; there would be more news about “Cyber Bullying ” incidents, but not much about actually talking about the extent of this issue in India.

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Learning Blog #6 – I stepped out: Week 5

Already, Into week 5. This week has been quick and hectic. Still, I managed to step out with the Camera I borrowed last week.

Over the last week, I was scrolling the web to learn how to use Nikon D5500. There are plenty of resources available. So much so that, I was unable to retain anything in mind. I made a plan that will learn as I practice. The plan is simple, there is an AUTO mode in the camera  (Obviously); I  will click the picture in auto mode and then try to recreate the same picture with full MANUAL mode. And If I feel stuck at any point; I will do a quick google search. As I practice and google stuff, I will also make quick notes on what resources I find useful to be added to this blog.

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