Learning Blog #16 – Learning to see through Lens #10 : Wrapup-or-Start?

So,  While I am writing this blog, this is still more like just a starting point into life long journey of learning in Digital space.

Around mid of this journey, I had planned to wrap up this learning blog series with a final blog: “Saskatoon-City of bridges-in land of the living sky”: Where I intended to write photo storytelling about Saskatoon by clicking the picture of all Bridges. The plan was to jump onto my bike ride along the meewasin trail and write a final blog in form of a photo story. But, I can’t dare to step out in this cold. (This is the first winter in  Canada, and I think It’s gonna take me a few winter seasons to get conformable with being outdoors in winter.) While I couldn’t what I wanted, Still this journey has been a great learning journey on its own. I might not have become an expert in photography. But I find myself way more comfortable in using “technology to learn technology” ;). During this process of “learning to see through the lens”, I have also ventured into many different areas. Let me list out things I have improved along the process.:

  • Basic Computer literacy: As I mentioned in the very first blog, I have never been a computer-savvy person. I know a lot about way more tricks and nicks of computers and the web.
  • Blog Writing: Let me be honest, I would have never imagined having a website of my own. While I will be setting up and adding blogs. While now it all seems basic, that seemed a whole big step at the start.
  • Going beyond point-and-shoot in photography: I have used a mobile phone for a year. Over the last few months, I have developed a new thought process (not good enough yet:/), which makes me think of a lot of variables than just making sure that thing is in the frame.
  • Photo Editing tools: How to use basic tools, default photo editor of phone, snapseed.
  • Video Editing tools: Quik App: Video + Photo Editor,b Youtube video editor, Kdenlive, Ibis paint.
  • Photography tools:  Default camera app of phone, Nikon D5500 DSLR.
  • And many many more tools……!


Slide show of photos of First week:

loading slideshow...

  • Regina-to-Saskatoon around Lumsden

  • Birds Resting in Saskatoon

  • Baby Geese in Saskatoon


Slide show of Photos around final week:

loading slideshow...


Being honest, While there is much difference between quality of picture between baseline slide final slide. But big difference for me is, in the baseline slide all the pictures are few just accidental good clicks; But in the last one all the picture is intentional click of what I want to click.  🙂 🙂 .

Here is quick summery of my weekly learnings:

Learning to see through Lens: Blog#1: What Do I know Already

I started off with setting up target for myself by brush-up on where my understanding in photography stands and where I want go in this journey.

Learning to see through Lens: Blog#2  Lets Find Out What I Don’t Know

Moving from what I know to finding  out what I don’t know, really help me to set up goal for myself. This is really digital web resources helped me out. I hunted for many awesome photographer and took inspiration/motivations for myself.

Learning to see through Lens: Blog#3: Digital Tools in Photography

How is digital self learning is possible without digital tools. So, digital  photography is made easier with many digital tools. In this blog I have captured many digitals tools which I believed to be useful for this journey.

Learning to see through Lens: Blog#4: I Got A Nikon

Most excited day was when I got my hands on Nikon D5500 While it have been overwhelming, still for 3 weeks I had this DSLR with me. I have gotten to understand very technical stuff behind the lens.

Learning to see through Lens: Blog#5: I Stepped Out

Here I captured more in technical basic with hands on mini-assignment by stepping up in good weather. I am glad I choose photography. on same day i captured many photos and got chance to just sit outside and admire nature in this little hidden spot in Saskatoon and met many many beautiful big small fish.

Learning to see through Lens: Blog#6: Photography Composition

Biggest mystery for me what, how same scene capture in different picture can either look amazing or just a noisy background. Topic of photography composition had helped me to decode this mystery. and more hidden tricky I leaned and jolted in this blog.

Learning to see through Lens: Blog#7: More on how photography works

During mid way of photography journey,  there still a lot more technical background I need know, And went back to google to ask more question and bloged new finding in this blog. And it made more sense, after already had my time Nikon.


Learning to see through Lens: Blog#8: HOW TO Photograph the Northern Lights

One of My bucket list thing, to see northern lights. It only makes more sense to know, how I would capture northern lights I ever get chance to see them. So, spend the whole week learning how to capture Northern Lights. Even I stepped out on many cold nights, but failed to have any good luck. Well, now I know what I need to know when I get my chance.

Learning to see through Lens: Blog#9: Story telling with Photography

I started off this final blog with my final plan to do a photostory. I took this inspiration from learning I had from this blog. Still, this blog talks about emotional aspect of photography.

Learning to see through Lens: Blog#10: Wrap-up-or-Start?

While this final blog is document what we have leaned in last 9 blogs and summarize it. But I think I far from finishing this journey. I am still finish my photo story about saskatoon. Well, after finishing this  journey I feel much more confident in using technology to learn new things. And change I my perspective from  “I don’t know how to it”, to “Let me figure out using internet.”

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  1. Hi Sunaina! I like your topic, “Wrap Up or Start.” EDTC 300 gives us a new lens to see the world. Although it comes to the end, we can wear this lens and begin our independent journey!

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