Chip Chip, Hooray!

My graham wafer bars!

I made two different things this week. First, I started with a no-bake graham wafer bar recipe that I got from my Grandma. It was smooth sailing up until when the icing would not harden. I kept adding extra powdered sugar to the icing mixture to thicken it, which made the bars veryyyyy sweet! After putting them back in the freezer 3 different times, I was finally able to cut them into bars. Let’s just say they will be stored in the freezer instead of on the counter. Check out this video of me making the bars:

I converted my Grandma’s paper copy of the recipe into this app I am going to be using, the Recipe Box app. This is how I followed the recipe. This will now be the app I use for all things baking! I love how you can create categories for different types of meals or occasions. Another thing is you can just click an ingredient or step to cross it off and indicate that it is complete. For any recipe that you find online, you can copy and paste the link into this app and it creates the recipe for you with easy-to-follow steps! The best part is the app is FREE! Link to recipe: Graham Wafer Bars Recipe

Since these were no-bake and I used my Grandma instead of an online source, I decided to make something else, something so basic that I just couldn’t mess up….chocolate chip cookies!

These are cookies from both batches I made. The second batch came out smaller…and I am still not sure why! I think it was possibly the baking sheet I used.

I used a video I found on All Recipes and followed along. Click to find the video and recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and Video. I added about ½ cup of extra flour because the dough looked a bit runny. I also chilled the dough for 30 minutes because that is what my mom always does, Haha! I added more chocolate chips instead of adding walnuts. I am not sure why the baking soda needs to be dissolved in hot water, but I won’t question their method. After following along with the video, I think it is safe to say I will never be using a video again. I think it is hard to follow. I like to know what my next steps are and work at my own pace. Let’s just say this is going to be my go-to cookie recipe!

3 thoughts on “Chip Chip, Hooray!

  1. Hi Taylor,
    Reading your recipe that you used from your grandma reminds me of a similar recipe my grandmother makes! Whats interesting is that I once made her recipe and had troubles with the icing as well! The icing I made was very runny, but instead of thickening it, I just put a thin layer (kinda like a glaze) on top and placed it in the freezer.
    I have been enjoying reading everyones posts and have noticed that there are a lot of apps being utilized for the learning projects. Is your recipe app one that you have used before? What are your thoughts on it?
    Both of your recipes sound delicious, I look forward to seeing what you bake next!

    Take care,

    1. Hi Danica,
      A glaze would have been perfect! They wouldn’t have been to sweet. I will definitely keep that in mind for next time. The app I used, Recipe Box, is something that I have used for a while now. I would primarily use it for cooking as I did not bake often. I would highly recommend this app. You can create categories for meals and cross off steps and ingredients once completed. My favourite part is that if you find a recipe online, you can copy the link and paste it into the app and it converts it into an easy to follow recipe!

  2. Hi Taylor!
    Sorry your first recipe didn’t turn out how you expected, but those cookies look delicious! Your time lapse video was fun, what did you use to create it? I understand why you wouldn’t enjoy following a recipe by using a video, I’ve done it before and it is challenging for sure. I look forward to seeing more recipes, good luck with your learning.

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