Learning Project,  Week 7

I’m at a Payphone.

I am clearly not at a payphone, however, I AM writing to you guys about playing the song Payphone by Maroon 5. This week I wanted to do something new and create a very fast, chipmunk-y version of myself learning to play. Check it out below.


Channeling my inner Lisa Simpson in Grade 4

I hope you are beginning to understand the frustration behind learning an instrument. I played the clarinet and saxophone in my elementary and middle years and I DESPISED it. I didn’t care enough to learn the notes. I just used to copy where people’s fingers went and it got me through to grade 9 when it became optional.

I used a few resources this week outside of the one I have used in the previous weeks, they include:

  • Fingerstyle Club was used to start learning Payphone via “fingerstyle” which is a method using plucking versus strumming. It was okay, it worked fine until I couldn’t comprehend what he was showing me and then I used the accompanying resource, the tabs version.
  • Patreon is the medium in which the Fingerstyle Club shares their tabs versions of the songs they teach and many more. I joined for $7 a month and will likely cancel it because I really only needed it for this version of the song.
Until next time, rock on!!


Check out my peers’ blogs for more instrument learning projects:

  • Janelle Boutin – she’s learning the piano! She is killing the piano so far and has so much more progress to meet!
  • Nikki Cairns – Also learning piano! Nikki expressed this week that she felt like she hit a plateau. I feel this because that was me last week!

Hi there, I am a new mom and am a 2nd-year teacher. I pushed through 2020 by hitting the most milestones during a pandemic - we bought a house, got married, and had a baby! I left my last teaching job, in Alberta, just prior to the pandemic and thankfully moved home to Regina, SK before the provinces were shut down. Now that it is 2021 and I have a new baby, I am making use of this down time and being stuck at home - I started my path towards a certificate in extended studies in Secondary Mathematics.

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  • Laura Fiddler

    Hey Allysia!
    First things first, your blog is stunning. I absolutely love the style and how easy to read your posts are. In regards to your post this week, I really love that you used Patreon to supplement Fingerstyle Club. Being able to recognize when a resource isn’t totally working for you is a great skill to have. No point getting frustrated over a resource when there are so many other ones out there! I have been talking to our classmate Callen Boutin who is also learning how to play guitar for his learning project, and he is also experiencing frustration so you aren’t alone there! Keep up the good work Allysia. You are doing great. 🙂

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