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Once Upon A…Blended Learning Course?

Once upon a time, there was a brave and noble educator (ha – that’s me!) who set out on the adventure of a lifetime: developing two enchanting online modules for her English Language Arts class. This teacher worked tirelessly – climbing beanstalks, granting wishes, kissing frogs – all in an effort to create both an ADDIE template and basic course overview to please all of her fellow queens and kings of technology (that’s you all!).

Charming Characters:

These blending learning modules feature a group of 22 hardworking princes and princesses. This royal family greatly varies in their English reading and writing abilities, but all share a love of ELA and an overall enthusiasm to learn. 

Spectacular Setting:

These modules will be blended, featuring both in-castle addresses and lessons pre-recorded in a land far far away. Students will have access to the pre-recorded instruction to view at their own pace, as many times as they need. Learning activities and assessments will also be blended, taking place both in-castle and far far away, using a variety of teaching strategies and online programs, including: Seesaw, Kahoot and Storyboard That

This magical unit duration is four to six weeks, and for the purposes of this project, I will be creating and sharing with you two online learning modules (out of the larger course context) featuring two main, magnificent learning goals of reading and writing.

Exciting Events

MODULE ONE will focus on reading ability and reading comprehension. Students will review their knowledge of fictional story elements and, more specifically, focus on characteristics of fairy tale. They will demonstrate their abilities through an incredible Seesaw quest (Seesaw activity).

MODULE TWO will focus on English writing, with an art component. After workshopping an original fairy tale, students will ‘publish’ their story, for the entire village to see, using a program called Storyboard That. This allows for them to read their creative tale aloud and design pictures (storyboard format) that go with the events in their work.


I welcome all interested to take a peak at my course profile and/or my ADDIE model to see more about my gallant quests!

…and they all learned happily ever after.



Hear ye, hear ye, calling all tech queens and kings. I kindly request any fantastic feedback you may have on my module ideas and development so far. Thanks!


  • Lauren Bradshaw

    Thank you for the entertaining post! I’m not a tech queen, but will comment anyway. 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Storyboard That, but it looks like a fantastic way to support your learning objectives. And it looks really fun for the students. Having some of the content online will certainly support those students who simply need more time to review, those still learning english, or perhaps were absent. It looks very engaging and I’m not an expert, but looks very suitable to the age group you mentioned. Well done!

  • Meagan

    Love the way you presented this! I really enjoy using Storyboard That and often use it as formative assessment during novel studies! Can’t wait to dive deeper into your modules over the next week!

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