Halloween Special Edition: Let’s paint a chubby pumpkin ghost

I painted a ghost for this week’s learning project. This artwork is also a treat for the grade 2 student who did the correct addition. If you are interested, please watch this slideshow which includes detailed instructions.

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  • What will the final artwork look like🤔?

  • Step 1: Use a pencil to sketch a chubby ghost at the center of the paper.

  • Step 2: Use a pink pastel to draw a light cover on the ghost. Leave some white places.

  • Step 3: Use the violet to draw a thick cover around the pink square.

  • Step 4: Keep using the violet pastel to draw a light cover on the pink square, however, leave some pink areas along.

  • Step 5: Cover the left pink area with a light cover of orange which symbolizes the Halloween element pumpkin.

  • Step 6: Use a CLEAN finger to rub and blend the colours.

  • Step 7: Melt the violet pastel into a softball; use a painting knife which has a round shape to press and extend the softball to create a drooling blood effect. Good job! The background is done now!

  • Step 7: Just a hint and an example for the complete background, like, what the background should look like in the end?

  • Step 8.1: Melt the white pastel: use a painting knife to blend it, like you use a spatula to blend cream; add some vaseline to keep it soft

  • Step 8.2: Prepare a clean hand.

  • Step 8.3: Get some soft white pastel; Rub it into a ball with a diameter of less than 5mm

  • Step 8.4: Put the ball on paper; Use a round painting knife to extend the ball.

  • Step 8.5: Repeat step 8.4 about 4 times and you will get a solid “obtuse cone” which is the ghost head.

  • Step 8.6: Turn around the paper; Apply four white balls in step 8.3 beneath the ghost head and create floating and wavy ghost feet.

  • Step 8.7: Apply one ball at the bottom right of the ghost body; extend it into a ghost arm/hand.

  • Step 8.8: Apply one ball to one side of the ghost body to create another arm/hand. Good job! You have finished the ghost body!

  • Step 9: Melt some pink pastels (the amount should be less than the white one in step 8)

  • Step 9.1: Rub two small balls with a diameter of less than 4mm as the ghost cheeks

  • Step 9.2: Use a painting knife which has a narrow end to press the balls and make them stick to the ghost face.

  • Step 9.3: Cheeks are done!

  • Step 10: Repeat steps 9-9.3, rub three small black balls, and apply them as the ghost eyes and mouth. *use a painting knife which has a pointy end because we do not want the black to cross on the white.

  • Wooh👻!Tear up the masking tape, sign your name on the back, and we are done!

Materials📃 for this work:

  1. Pink oil pastel x1
  2. Violet oil pastel x1
  3. Orange oil pastel x1
  4. Masking tape x1
  5. Sketch paper x1
  6. Painting knives set x1
  7. Lighter x1

My inspiration🎃:

After watching this painting tutorial on Tiktok, I began to think about making this special edition. Although the artwork in the video seems delicate, it is complex because it requires learners to have some prior knowledge of colour theory. I want to create something easier and more accessible. Therefore, I use the colours purple and orange which are the primary colours of Halloween to lay the background. Then I use the warm colour pink to soften the atmosphere and enrich the colours. The character ghost is chubby because a round shape looks cute and friendly. Moreover, it is easy for beginners to apply colors on the round shape which does not have angles and therefore beginners do not need to worry about painting the colors out of the shape. This artwork exercises our abilities in melting oil pastels and applying them on paper. Thus, this is a good piece for beginners to practice basic skills in oil pastel painting.

How could we connect this piece to the curriculum?

I made a Grade 5 Arts Lesson Plan and use this painting as a learning activity.

By creating this painting, students can know the difference between bold and subtle textures. This painting is in small size and thus it won’t take much time to be done.

How to add slideshow to posts?

I made a video to visualize the process 😉

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4 Responses to Halloween Special Edition: Let’s paint a chubby pumpkin ghost

  1. Kaelynn LePoudre says:

    Hi Yiquan,

    I really appreciate your addition of a slideshow tutorial to this post. The process you described for this art piece sounds like a fun way to develop one’s skill using oil pastels. Furthermore, I appreciate that you connected this art project to the SK curriculum. It is definitely a project I am going to have to try alongside the children I work with.

  2. Marcus Zumstein says:

    Wow! Such a great informational post. I really like the slideshow and the tutorial that goes along with it. What a great teaching tool as well for the classroom. I feel like I could show this to my class and they’d be able to dive in with no help from myself.

    Great looking project!

  3. Deanna Gallipeau says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I rely on videos to learn how to do new things on social platforms and websites. This is great to keep in mind for students in our classrooms!

  4. Jorden Robitaille says:

    Thanks for showing me how to do the slideshow! super helpful! also the chubby ghost is amazing. keep up the great work!

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