From Weeds to Greenhouses: A Week in My Gardening Life

June 11, 2024 5 By Brodie Ziegler

In today’s blog post I am going to talk about the importance of weeding your garden as well as my journey of going greenhouse shopping!

After learning a little about the proper watering techniques for my garden, my next learning adventure in garden maintenance is tackling the relentless task of weeding… This is definitely my least favorite part about having a garden to take care of. This week, I focused on understanding the best practices for weeding to ensure my garden remains healthy!

I decided to use Facebook as the digital tool I wanted to explore during my learning project. I found a page called The Happy Gardening Life so I decided to like it and follow it for a while to see what kind of useful tips I can find from it. As I was looking through the page, I found a few interesting things about weeding your garden but using Google to help me was also beneficial.

The Best Practices for Effective Weeding

  • The most important thing to remember is that regular weeding is crucial. This makes it easier because the roots of the weeds are small and not deeply established. I have been trying to weed at least once a week and this seems to help prevent the weeds from being a big problem.
  • Next, I focused on learning about the different types of weeds in my common area. I tried using this digital app to help me learn about the different types of weeds growing in my garden and it actually worked quite well!
  • Finally, the last two most important things I learned about weeding my garden is ensuring you have the proper tools and that timing does matter. So far I haven’t needed tools to dig out any weeds in my garden box as they have all been pretty small. I did learn that these tools are essential for bigger weeds to make sure that the entire root system is dug out as this will prevent regrowth. Moving onto the importance of timing – it is most effective when the soil is moist. When the soil is softer, it makes it easier to pull the weeds out by the root. (We have got so much rain this past week that it has been almost to wet for me to weed… that will have to be a next weekend job, haha)

Although I am not a huge fan of weeding my garden, I understand the importance of it and know that it needs to be kept up with. As I worked, I did realize that it was peaceful to be outside in the fresh air. It is also a satisfying feeling to see my garden bed weed-free and healthy!

My Experience of Greenhouse Shopping

Earlier on this week my mom took me shopping for some flowers. Living on my own now I have been so excited to plant flowers in my yard. We went to a few different greenhouses and picked out some flowers. I will share a few pictures I took of the greenhouses as they all looked so beautiful. Next, I need to buy a few more pots to decorate my yard with and then I can continue my journey of planting the flowers. Stay tuned for more next blog 🙂




PS: My garden has started to sprout and it is so exciting to see!!