EDTC 300 – A Must Take!

Hi Everyone,

I can hardly believe that this semester has come and gone so quickly! Infographics are awesome, I am a sucker for them, which is why I was wanting to create a live infographic through Vyond but being that I have been fighting a nasty cold, which I am sure most of us are, time seemed to pass too quickly this week, my idea of experimenting with a new digital resource escaped me.

This semester I had noticed many of my peers using Canva for their presentations and they looked NICE, so I took note. With already being familiar with the Canva program but not doing much more than the odd infographic and worksheet, I thought I would take my shot at creating a presentation and recording it directly through Canva.

To listen and watch my presentation you can do so below and as I have listed this Youtube video as unlisted, you will not be able to find it by searching but can revisit here if you please!


My Learning Summary Presentation can be referenced through the Canva program itself. Again, I am leaving this course feeling as though I have a whole new toolbox full of skills. I feel confident in teaching digitally and being transparent with my students when need be, ensuring they know I don’t have all the answers to when it comes to learning and living digitally but that I will try my best. Though it is still intimidating and I am sure that there will be a learning curve, I know teaching digital citizenship, coding, digital identity and literacy are so important and I wish that I had the guidance I hope to give when I was a student.

Cheers & thanks for a wonderful semester!

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