Arts-Infused Instructional Strategy – Practice

Working on implementing and trying out different types of instructional strategies is fun – especially when it isn’t one I would have originally reached for! In my ECS 303 class we were tasked with the challenge to pick an instructional strategy and explore it further.

What is Arts-Infused Instruction?

The Kennedy Centre was an impactful resource for myself while I was learning more about this strategy. Like I mentioned earlier, this wasn’t necessarily a strategy I would have picked to explore so I had done a substantial amount of research before I felt comfortable with it!

Arts Integration Definition from The Kennedy Centre

To summarize the different definitions I read, Arts-Infused/Arts Integration is:

Using a strand of art as a guide to teaching a new concept or having students show their knowledge or the process of their learning through an art strand.

My Experience with Arts-Infused Instruction

Myself and three of my peers presented this strategy to our colleagues in our class by doing the following:

  • Modelling how visual art – specifically, a mosaic, could be used within a math lesson. Using a mosaic to teach math could be helpful in identifying and sorting shapes in grades 2 or 3 as well as measuring angles in grade 6.
  • Providing this prompt: “Using the pre-cut shapes, create a mosaic that represents our culture in Canada.” We seen great success with this and this is an activity that could be adapted for any social or ecological injustice lesson. Check out the work our peers completed below.
      • We seen a variation of a new Canadian flag that represents our diverse culture and inclusive of the colour orange to represent our responsibility for Truth and Reconciliation.
      • One group had created a collage of what they thought represented Canada – a hockey stick, Tim Horton’s coffee, a heart, and timbits.
      • Lastly, you see a mosaic of two people holding hands – to represent a welcoming culture.

        Canada’s Culture represented with a Mosaic

Personal Reflection

I really liked this instructional strategy! With my small experience with it, I am sold. I plan on implementing arts-infused instruction to help teach social justice and self-identity.