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Ode to Joy; a Peaceful Week on my Keyboard

Simply Piano App

This week I started using the piano app I installed on my phone called “Simply Piano.” The app is actually pretty cool, I just open it up and put it as close to my keyboard speaker as I can and then play away! The app guides you along introducing you to each of the notes one at a time and has you play them. The app is able to listen to you play and can help you along as you go. So far it has guided me through proper posture at the piano as well as the first five notes starting at middle C.

As for reading sheet music I do not believe I have made a lot of progress. I have played a couple songs so far using the app to guide me, but all of the songs have been songs that I already know. This means I have gone back to playing by ear. Which I guess does not have to be seen as a bad thing, but makes it hard to learn new songs by reading sheet music. This week I will be searching youtube to find more resources to help me with reading sheet music. Anyone have any tips or tricks to share with me?

This week I learned to play “Ode to Joy”, listen to it on my youtube channel here:


  1. Danica Finlay

    Hi Amber,
    This app is really interesting with the fact that it listens and can tell you which notes are which. Technology always amazes me! I give you a lot of credit for taking on the skill of piano. I love listening to friends play, but I have never learned myself. The video you recorded sounds beautiful and I appreciate you sharing this. I wish you all the best with learning to read sheet music and I look forward to seeing your progress on this new skill.

    Take care,

    • ajd727

      Hi Danica,

      Thank-you for your kind words! It has been a lot of fun so far, also really challenging. I’m hoping to try a new song next week, we will see how it goes!


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