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Twitter as a Classroom Tool and #SaskEdChat

Can Twitter be used as a classroom tool? I have been exploring it a lot this week, as I am brand new to the platform. So far I have found it to be a great way to meet people in the same profession and make contacts for education. It is a great way to share information and ideas for the classroom and get support from other professionals.

Twitter is useful as a professional development tool, but it is appropriate to use as a classroom tool? When thinking about using it as a classroom tool I must say that I am not really a fan of this idea. I could maybe see using it with high school students as they will be getting close to entering the work force and may want to start professional networking, but not any younger than that. I believe that bringing social media into the classroom is adding another network for bullying. To me Twitter is no place for children and will not be a tool I will use in the classroom.

Tweet on SaskEdChat

Recently I participated in #SaskEdChat on Twitter. SaskEdChat is a group for teachers in Saskatchewan and during these chats people in the group come online and answer questions posted a moderator. These questions and answers are a great way to learn. I found it interesting to hear others opinions and points of view. I was also able to make more connections with other teachers.


  1. Danica Finlay

    Hi Amber,
    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on twitter. To be honest, I am brand new to the twitter world and am still trying to figure it out. So far, I think that I would agree with you. I think that twitter is a great tool for teachers as you can find many useful resources, ask questions and have discussions will others who are in the same profession. Using this platform allows teachers to realize that they are not alone, and that educators can come together on this platform to offer support, tips, tricks, and guidance to one another. So far, like you, I do not see this as a tool for students, but perhaps the more we explore and get to know a little bit more about twitter we will be introduced to ways in which it could be beneficial for use in the classroom? I like the point that you made on how it could help students finishing up high school as it could help them start networking. This is something that I had not thought of!

    Take care,


    • Hannah

      Hi Amber, I enjoyed reading your post. I agree that using Twitter as an educational tool in the classroom is a bit questionable and may be more appropriate for high school students. I think we feel the sway because most students in high school have access to cellphones and social media. And it is a great way for them to connect through technology. Thinking of having younger students on a social media platform is a bit scary. However, I guess it could be done if settings were turned on private and it was closely monitored by the teacher.

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