EC&I 834: Designing for Online & Blended Learning

Scott Sully – An Abstract

Hello EC&I 834!

My name is Scott Sully, I am in my 6th year of teaching at McNaughton High School in Moosomin, SK. I have been fortunate to begin and spend the entirety of my career so far with such talented peers and in such a supportive community. I began graduate studies last spring and am currently enrolled in my 6th & 7th courses with the intention to finish my studies this summer.

I spend a lot of my time involved with athletics, both in my professional and personal life. I coach senior girls volleyball at the school; we recently hosted the 4A Girls Provincial Volleyball Championships here in Moosomin. I also decided to include our team photo from the tournament in my post as it is an event and accomplishment that I am very proud of as a coach and educator. When I am not coaching in the fall, I spend an obscene amount of time on my couch on Sundays watching NFL football. In the spring and summer, I can be found at Pipestone Hills Golf Course and many other of our provinces beautiful golf courses or lakes. Outside of recreation I enjoy taking on home improvement projects or tearing apart my home, depending upon how you look at it. I also remain personally and financially dedicated to my Peloton bike.

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Three goals for learning that I have in this class are:

-Learning strategies and tools to adapt to an ever-changing educational landscape

-Enrich my current classes online components

-Engage with peers and grow my professional community

Looking forward to getting started!



  1. Leona Stephen

    Scott, Do you happen to know Tara Smart – Former U of R Member – National Team Volleyball Player, I believe her hometown was Moosomin if my memory serves me right. Old Cougar teammate of mine back in the day!

    • Scott Sully

      Hi Leona,

      Unfortunately, I do not know her as I am a transplant to the area. If she is from here I may need to get in touch with her to do some work with my team!! What years did you play Cougars?


  2. Leigh


    Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how quickly you’ve been wrapping up your courses toward your degree… Wow!

    When you say, “…ever-changing educational landscape”, you’ve certainly got that right! The past 2 years have been a major adjustment for everyone and I am excited to acquire some new skills to meet these changes!

    Looking forward to learning alongside you!

    • Scott Sully

      Hi Leigh,

      It has been a grind working through it but it has been so rewarding.

      Even just a few weeks focusing on the topic of blended learning has me realizing all the work we already do without realizing it and looking forward to new strategies as well.


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