Back to the Basics…

Back to the Basics…

In the past 5 years, I’ve learned (very slowly) how to knit and crochet. I love being able to create something beautiful and have something physical to show off my skills. So for my learning project, I’ve decided to complete the trifecta of string creations and learn how to embroider!

In the past, I’ve attempted embroidery and failed miserably. I lack the patience and attention to detail that is required, and what was an attempt at beautiful birds turned into a pile of tangled knots. I’d like to take another stab at it (literally) and finally make something I can be proud of. Growing up my mother would spend every winter working on a pair of beautiful needlepoint stockings for my sister and me. When I told her I was going to try embroidery again she was so excited, so my end goal is to make a beautiful Christmas piece for her.

embrodiery thread in many colours, needles, embroidery hoop and fabricSince I had attempted this before, I already knew the basics of what I would need. The supplies I got (plus some I plan to purchase) includes:

  • Embroidery thread
  • Needles
  • An embroidery hoop
  • Sharp, small scissors
  • A washable or heat removable pen/pencil
  • Cotton fabric

Once I had everything I needed I decided to research some common stitches as well as some I’d like to try and use in the future. I found a blog that included countless stitches with easy-to-follow tutorials. The author had included video, pictures, and written instructions so I found it super easy to follow along. As a visual learner, I really appreciated the diagrams she made as they showed each step easily. Overall, I really enjoyed learning from her blog as she had so much information that was easily accessible.

The 10 stitches I learned

I attempted 10 different stitches that I thought would be useful and with the help of her videos and diagrams I was able to figure them all out fairly quickly. You may be able to tell in the photo, but the bottom few stitches I found a bit more challenging. For my next project, I’d like to find some information on how to keep the stitches tight as well as keep the back neat as I kept getting tangled up. I also would like to find a good technique for tying off at the end so the string doesn’t come loose.

The back of my work. Stitches like the lazy daisy and pinwheel got tangled very easily

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