Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Ava Viczko and I am in my second-year studying Secondary Education with a major in math and a minor in social studies. My family is a huge part of why I went into education. I have a large, blended family with 1 biological sister, 3 step-siblings, 5 “adopted” siblings, and 4 nieces and nephews. I grew up playing soccer and since graduating high school I’ve continued to help coach many different age groups. I also loved to read and in recent years I’ve learned how to both knit and crochet!

My little sisters and I sledding. They inspire me to be a better educator every day.

I’m very excited to begin my blogging journey! To me, blogging is such a fun way to develop my writing skills as well as document my development. Student-teacher blogs are something I would have loved to have had access to as a high schooler attempting to decide my future. I also think it’s so exciting to be able to look back at my journey of becoming a teacher and see where I started. and the things I learned along the way. I’m very sentimental so I’m excited for the future me and the fun she’ll have looking back on this blog.

My experience with educational technology is limited to my experience as a learner. During Covid, I had to learn through many different platforms such as Moodle as well as learning from videos and PowerPoints. We used a multitude of different websites and apps such as Remind, GroupMe, and Edsby. Almost everything we did had some kind of online availability. I’ve frequently used online sources to learn new skills such as knitting, as well as used it for help while coaching. I find for creative skills there are so many wonderful blogs and youtube videos that make learning new skills incredibly easy.

My sister and I at Track and Field where I coached.

One of my most influential experiences with educational tech was in high school. My math teacher had her own website where she would post all of our assignments and lessons in video format as well as PDFs. This allowed us to be able to learn from anywhere, at any time while getting the same lessons that were provided in class. While it was very time-consuming for her and took years to fully complete, it is something I always appreciated and admired. I hope to be able to provide something similar for my future students.

My sister Natalie who has taught me countless lessons. 


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  1. Loved hearing about your blended family. Also I am excited to hear you are in the secondary Ed program, I hope to see you when I’m on-campus in January 2023. so good to hear about your online format and some of the tools the teacher provided in order to make classroom lectures and assignments accessible online. Nice to meet you Ava!

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