My Contributions to EDTC 300

My Contributions to EDTC 300

Throughout the semester in EDTC 300, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with my classmates in various ways. Some of the main ways I was able to do this was through Twitter, Discord, and our blogs! A large part of our learning in EDTC 3oo came from our classmates and so I worked on replying in meaningful ways that helped my classmates on their own EDTC journeys. To show my contributions I’ve made a PowerPoint that includes some of the interactions I had throughout the semester, which you can view here!


Our class used Discord as one way to ask questions and help each other with problems we may have had. I’m not a very tech-savvy person, so I struggled to be of much help on this platform. However, when I did know an answer I did my best to include screenshots and visuals to help aid my description. Discord was especially useful when I was doing my group project for my summary of learning, and I was easily able to share thoughts, ideas, and links. It was a great platform for a class. When someone had issues we could all try and help and also were made aware of struggles we might face. I use Discord for a lot of my other classes and it’s one of my favourite platforms for large groups. Discord wasn’t my most used platform, but I think it was great for what we used it for.

Blog Comments

One of my favourite ways of interacting was through blog comments! I felt like I was able to not only have meaningful discussions but add more depth to my thoughts that maybe weren’t possible on Twitter because of the word limit. When commenting on blogs I did my best to not only comment on what they had said but ask questions and add my own perspective and thoughts. I had some great conversations, especially about digital citizenship and safety. I also added my insight into learning projects that were focused on things I had experience with. I also did my best to suggest sources I had used or ideas on topics mentioned in the blog. Although I wasn’t able to comment on everyone’s blogs, I feel like I made sure the comments I did make would be encouraging as well as beneficial for my classmates!


Twitter was by far my most used platform this semester, and definitely the one I think I’ll continue to use the most. Throughout the semester I did my best to share (on average) 2 articles/posts a day as well as comment on my classmate’s posts. I tried to utilize our class’s Twitter list so I could see as many of my classmate’s tweets as possible. I found I tended to see the same people’s posts every day, so this definitely helped me make sure I saw as much as possible. When I shared posts I tried to make sure I included why it was useful or why I liked what I had read. I really wanted to add my own perspective to what I shared so I could receive feedback or have discussions about it. I also tried to do this in the comments I made. If I knew of resources that would relate to someone’s tweet I made sure to share them and I did my best to help my classmates when they asked questions. I used my blog and Twitter to share resources with people, such as sharing websites with craft patterns for people learning projects or websites that related to lessons or games people wanted to try. I feel as though I was able to add a lot of value to the class through my interactions on Twitter.

Although I wasn’t always perfect with the amount of blogging or tweeting I did, I feel as though my interactions were a helpful contribution to the learning we all did in EDTC 300. I was able to learn so much through the blogging and tweeting of my classmates, and I hope that I’ve been able to help them in the same way. EDTC 3oo has been such a fun experience for me and so I want to say thank you to all of my fellow classmates for making this such an enjoyable semester!

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