Balancing Tech, Tasks, and TikTok

May 14, 2024 0 By Avery Kotylak

In today’s tech-driven society, it is crucial to recognize the impact that technology has on our daily routines, both personally and academically. Reflecting on my own tech habits, I have realized the dual role that digital tolls play in my life, from leisure and social interactions to academic pursuits and productivity.

Social Apps for Connection and Inspiration

On a typical day, I find myself frequently using social apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook. While these platforms are primarily for leisure and social interactions, I’ve discovered their potential for academic enrichment as well. Snapchat become a convenient tool for quick communication with classmates, while TikTok serves as a surprising source of inspiration for project ideas and resources.

Digital tools for organizations

To stay organized and productive, I rely heavily on digital tools like Canva and the built in features of my MacBook. Canva, with its versatile design templates, helps me infuse creatImage of class organized on Macbook Finderivity into my assignments, making them visually appealing and engaging. Additionally, use Stickies on my MacBook to jot down task lists and assignment deadlines, ensuring that I stay on top of coursework and study schedules. Organizing my course materials into folders within the Finders app also streamlines my workflow, making it easier to locate documents and resources when needed.

Image of Avery's desktop created in canvas and using Macbook StickiesEstablishing Boundaries for Healthy Tech Use

Maintaining a healthy balance between screen time for academic purposes and personal well-being is essential. To achieve this, I’ve implemented strategies and boundaries to regulate my tech usage. Setting designated time slots for schoolwork ensures that I remain focused and minimize distractions from unrelated apps or websites. By consciously limiting recreational screen time during these periods, I prioritize productivity and maintain a healthy relationship with technology.

In all, navigating daily tech habits requires a mindful approach to leverage digital tools effectively and safeguarding personal well-being. By recognizing the dual nature of technology and implementing strategies for balance, we can harness its benefits without coming to negative effects.