Digital Project Update #1

Digital Project Update #1

Aloha Everyone! 

How have things been going?! Currently, we just (Oct.2) entered into the 3rd and final trimester and things are getting real, real fast!  We are starting to get more excited (and anxious) each day!  We have been feeling the crunch with our stress levels, to do lists and credit card statements.  This weekend our house got a good thorough cleanout, and we are trying to get small odd jobs around the house, yard, and garage done while we still have the time and energy to do them.

I have 2 goals driving this project.  First, I want to document the whole experience to be able to look back upon and secondly I want to use this as a way to sift through information and develop a plan for when our little arrives!

How Goes the Project Battle?!

So far, over the last couple of weeks,  I have been focusing on how I wanted to structure this project and the types of content/posts I want to include.  I had been struggling to decide on a way in which  to structure the digital project. My initial plan is to “travel back” in time, splitting my project into trimesters and structure it more like journal/blog entries; recounting what we were working through at each trimester stage! 

My initial thoughts are to try to have smaller reflections or journal entries each week to try and capture a broader picture of the whole experience, lessons learned and decision that were made.

Here are some ideas that I am throwing around to focus blog entries on for each: 

1st Trimester 

  • Finding out & initial feelings
  • Resources 
  • Future Dad role!? What do I do now?
  • Telling friends and family
  • 1st Ultrasound (Car)/First attended ultrasound
  • Reactions and feelings during appointments
  • Gifted items vs Bought
  • House Set up
    • Baby room 
    • Our closets
    • Office
  • Information Sifting
  • Nutrition & Exercise
  • Parenting 101

2nd Trimester:

  • Book: Like a Mother – Written by Angela Garbes
  • Diapers 
    • Cloth vs Disposable
  • 20 week Ultrasound
  • Feeding plan
  • Prenatal Classes
  • Post Birth Care
  • Information Sifting
  • Parenting 101

3rd Trimester

  • Big Baby Gear Items
    • Car seat 
    • Bassinet 
    • Swing 
  • Birth Plan 
  • Post Birth Care
  • Information Collection
  • Ultrasound Updates
  • Parenting 101

In conjunction with these topics, I am planning to sprinkle in some possible writing prompts that I have found online as a switch up.  I am planning to make my first post this week to get the ball rolling with this project! This is just a quick blueprint and will likely change courses multiple times throughout the course of the course! 

I am looking forward to thinking back to how it all started and documenting our journey thus far!

Has anyone out there completed a pregnancy journal/reflection/blog? If so, what were some things you were glad you captured?

One thought on “Digital Project Update #1

  1. Although I received a ton of unwarranted advice, there were a few good pieces that I took away from it.
    -Take advice with a grain of salt. Sometimes it’s helpful and sometimes it’s outright annoying or not useful.
    -Take pictures of your kiddo daily. Try to capture videos of their laugh and coos as it changes so quickly.
    -Purchase a baby book before baby comes and check out the journals inside. This was helpful to remember weights, and measurements.
    -It’s okay to set boundaries with others, especially during COVID.
    And personally, I didn’t have a birth plan because like teaching, things don’t really ever go as planned. I planned for minimal tearing (crossed my fingers on that one), and a healthy babe and momma. Everything else was touch and go as I got to it. The most helpful thing my spouse did was getting me snacks after and listening to what I was asking instead of telling me what they thought I should be doing. Enjoy the process. Listen to the professionals around you and take care of your mental health. It’s important, especially when you’re not eating enough, getting enough quiet/down time, and not sleeping. Take time to enjoy the small things.

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