6 thoughts on “ECI 834 Summary of Learning

  1. Hi Leona, Bret, and & Brianne,
    I loved your Summary of Learning!! You chose a unique tool to share your experiences and helped continue the learning for your classmates. Your content had a logical flow and smooth delivery. I appreciated the effort that was made to include interesting graphics. Well done!


  2. Hi Bret!

    I really loved the infographics you choose for your pecha kucha! This was a really cool way for you all to share in your learning together and it was quite engaging to listen to!

    I hope you can take another class together in the future! All the best!

  3. Hi Team,

    Thank you for showing another presentation style. You were able to include a lot information using great visuals to support your summary. I admire the work you did as a team as that isn’t always easy to accomplish. Great job!

  4. Really great visuals all throughout to support your summary of learning. I appreciated the comments on making conscious choices to create a course that is accessible to all students and meets needs that you are aware need to be met. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Bret,
    The three of you created a very visually pleasing summary of learning with a lot of information unpacking our learning during this class. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I really enjoyed your groups’ summary of learning! It is so much more beneficial to collaborate and put a few heads together to come up with a great product. It was a pleasure reviewing your work this year! Succes accomplished! Hopefully our paths cross again in grad studies!

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