Common Sense

Kumashiro defines common sense by relating it back to what we already know, common senses is the knowledge we carry by what we learn from our past or past generations. So, in reference to the school system and learning, we think classrooms should be run in different ways and doing different activities because that is what we know from our school systems. We think that education should be the way we learned and we need to teach how researchers say children learn best. When Kumashiro was is teaching in Nepal, he was criticized by staff and students because the they thought he did not know how to teach. He was told he was to beat students and that is something that is never acceptable. He describes his experiences with learning new common sense for living and teaching in Nepal, he needs to be taught the Nepali way. 

It is important to pay attention to common sense because it is the process we think needs to be done. “What is significant here is the notion that oppression often plays out unrecognized and unchallenged in schools because it has successfully convinced us that schools are neutral, and nonoppressive, and should not be taking a stand one way or another on the issue of oppression.” (Kumashiro, p. 5). This is an important quote because if school systems never challenge the issue of oppression then the issue will never get solved. We need to teach students and the future generations that we have to deal with these difficult issues they are the generation we are trying to help and these are their future issues so let’s teach them right from wrong. We have to teach them that everyone should get equal opportunity because they are human and not because they are different from anyone else.     

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