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B-“risk” It!!

This week I was challenged with exploring a new tool and using it to document my learning this week.  I chose to explore Piktochart, an online app that claims to be the  latest AI powered infographic maker as it seemed to fit perfectly into the challenge we were given and for the focus of my learning project.  To read my full review of the app, visit my EDTC 300 post Not All Apps are Created Equal 

This week I wanted to introduce Brisk Teaching, a Google extension designed to make teachers lives easier.  The infographic provided a great way to highlight some of the features this program has to offer in an eye-catching way.  The pre-made, AI generated template saved me a ton of time, but as with any AI, the content it generated was not always accurate and vague requiring a fair amount of editing on my part.  While Piktochart is not a program I will use often or ever again really, I am proud of how it came out and hopefully what I created piqued your interest enough to check out next weeks post where I will explore Brisk Teaching in greater detail.

Infographic describing Google Brisk Teacher AI


  1. Uzma Farhat

    I read your blog, it was interesting to learn about the Brisk Teaching app and how you shared different ideas to use & engage kids in the classroom. It’s interesting to know that it can work for different levels of students to make it convenient for teachers to provide feedback! Pre-made templates save teachers time, for sure!
    I like to explore new digital tools that are easy and simple to use. I believe lack of knowledge or some difficult steps to use some digital apps can be challenging unless you have a good command. I will definitely check & explore about the Brisk Teaching!

    Uzma Farhat

  2. Lauren Buist

    Hi Cheryl,
    Your learning project is so interesting. You could also say I’m a bit jealous I hadn’t thought of this myself! I love seeing all the ways I can integrate new technology into the planning process in order to make my life easier! Your blog is definitely one to keep up with!

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