More Fun *Ahem I Mean Learning With TikTok

So I decided to play around with the interactive effects this time. First I went looking for the dinosaur filter that Steve Boots said to try but then I got sidetracked and remembered it was my sisters birthday so I created this TikTok for her and used a fun filter:

I then decided to play around with the “How Old Do You Look” effect. I am happy to report I am happy with the result; it could be worse, much worse:

I was feeling in a good dancing mood so I then decided to give this one a go. Let’s just say my daughter was less than impressed to be sitting in a parking lot with me while I played with these effects!

Now I am TERRIBLE at video games; I blame my parents because we were never allowed to have such things in our home growing up but when I found this interactive game on TikTok I was quite surprised that they offered many other games. I added music, captions, and changed my voice to a chipmunk.

One thought on “More Fun *Ahem I Mean Learning With TikTok

  1. You’ve definitely done a lot more with TikTok than I have! I joined out of curiosity and to follow some of our classmates. I am still in lurker status and have not posted anything. I am enjoying my verticals. ?

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