More Fun *Ahem I Mean Learning With TikTok

So I decided to play around with the interactive effects this time. First I went looking for the dinosaur filter that Steve Boots said to try but then I got sidetracked and remembered it was my sisters birthday so I created this TikTok for her and used a fun filter:

I then decided to play around with the “How Old Do You Look” effect. I am happy to report I am happy with the result; it could be worse, much worse:

I was feeling in a good dancing mood so I then decided to give this one a go. Let’s just say my daughter was less than impressed to be sitting in a parking lot with me while I played with these effects!

Now I am TERRIBLE at video games; I blame my parents because we were never allowed to have such things in our home growing up but when I found this interactive game on TikTok I was quite surprised that they offered many other games. I added music, captions, and changed my voice to a chipmunk.

Slo Motion Effects, Sound, & Text Duration

Training a dog takes patience and a ton of work. My husband brought home this handsome boy at 6-7 months old and I have been hard at work with him since. I was nervous as all beans when it came to him coming when called and not running away in public. Here is his success so far with that.

I am beginning to use certain features on TikTok with more ease now, I feel I have the text feature understood, searching and adding a song, and uploading videos and pictures.

Just seen this possibly new feature on TikTok using a QR code so I thought I would play with this. Let me know if it works. Thanks for tuning in to my exploration!

Combining Multiple Videos

I was given a task by The Strong Studio to complete a week challenge with creating a video about the most impactful thing I learned from participating in a Top Droppers Challenge. I chose to use TikTok to create the video because it fit so well with my final project. Here are some of my reflections on this video: there was a lot of frustration with having to go back and redo the video because I kept making mistakes, or waiting till words came back around so I could set the text duration and I couldn’t get my timing perfect on the end to stay a bit longer so a person could read the last little bit without having to pause. My daughter offered a piece of advice afterwards to keep my text font the same so it would be easier to read; I agree with her 100% but I also wanted to use this opportunity to play with fonts specifically for this class. Overall I had a blast creating this longer video but it took A LOT of time (almost 2 hours in just putting it together not actually recording), A LOT of editing and clipping videos to make them shorter, and not to mention trying to record myself in the middle of a trainer led workout where I was trying to get a good workout in was something else all together, etc. I was surprised at the effort that needed to go into my very amature creation and I have a lot more appreciation for the people who create very flawless (to me) looking TikTok videos, and man the tools they must have to get everything perfect!

This TikTok was created with a lot of support from my daughter! Check on the link below!

Ha now this embedding thing worked and I don’t know why?!? Ah well success!

TikTok for Dummies 2021- A Beginners Guide

Yep that’s me, I am the dummy!! I decided to do some beginners “research” on how to use TikTok aside from enlisting my daughter to help and offer feedback on my videos; she has been a great resource to have but sometimes she is not interested in helping me so I turn to Youtube. Although something suspicious may be going on here….she doesn’t have TikTok yet so this makes me wonder how she knows all the things… (I need to investigate that later). Youtube is so helpful sometimes and this is one of those times. I watched this video below and then I put it into practice, the focus is going to be on sound and effects; although I have played with it before in other videos, this is where I finally understood what I was doing and not necessarily going in blind.

Adding a Layer of Music and my Voice- Balance

Adding Visual Effects & Text

Adding Visual Effects (Another one) & Text

I am still having trouble getting TikTok to be embedded into my blog so the video is just there, so links will be the way for now!

Hair & Makeup Tutorials: TikTok

First the makeup! Ah so what I noticed is there wasn’t any description in the video, no suggestions on colour palette, suggested brushes; notta. My goodness the speed of the video was fast and when I was recording myself I was trying to keep up but eventually got a bit behind.

The logistics of setting up a video to be as “professional” as the people in the videos requires many other things I am sure, things that I did not have… like this stand; I bet that is useful.

You can by this on Amazon for a decent price (if you are in to that sorta thing)

After creating my video, I learned that I could put the videos together back to back but I have not quite figured out how to make them go side by side yet and be in sync with each other. That will be learning for another day. I tried adding music but then in cut my video and I could not get that to work but hey, I dipped my toes in a little further today…

Now to talk about the result of such make up tutorial; lets just say I think I will stick with my own makeup regiment for now; I felt like when I was done I had the look of “I worked on cars all day and had grease marks left on my face” all probably due to not blending properly, not using the right brush, and so forth. Watch below and have a laugh, I sure did.

Now the Hair Tutorial

I am so jealous of those girls who seem to be able to rock the messy buns, make them look perfect, heck lets be honest all the ladies out their who have kick butt hair styles, know that I am jealous!!! So maybe getting into some TikTok tutorials on hair styles might be a great way for me to learn. The video I watched and mimicked had a hair dresser doing it so clearly they have the advantage and my sister (a hairdresser) can’t come over because I’m self isolating so I gave it the “old college try” as my husband says.

I was unable to get the videos to directly embed here so I left the link instead. I also have the videos set up as private so I do not know if you will be able to see them let me know though!

Make up Link:

Hair Link:

Messy Bun experiment 1

Taking the First Plunge: TikTok

Downloading the TikTok app

So I added the TikTok app… It asked me to select some of the thing I am interested in so I selected a few. After creating my account and using Facebook to log in it now asks me to follow some of my friends that are on TikTok; I bypassed that option for now.

My first set of videos (is that what they are called?) I have listened to are pretty funny! They were comedy ones that came up right away about married life; made me giggle! My second set of videos were some hair hacks on creating “cute messy buns”. Stay tuned for tomorrows class I might give it a try; I mean I have all the time in the world right now being in isolation for the next 5 days so why not right?