Tiktok App Privacy Evaluation- Common Sense

Common Sense has provided a privacy evaluation on TikTok where it evaluates the safety, privacy, security, and compliance of the platform. TikTok is labelled as “warning” with 60% and does not meet their recommendations for privacy and security practices. It goes into more depth around data collection, data sharing, data security and rights, data sold, ads & tracking, parental consent, and school purpose.

Common Sense to the Rescue- A Parent’s Ultimate Guide to TikTok

Common Sense is once again proving how valuable of a tool it can offer to both educators and this time parents. Common Sense has put together a comprehensive guide to navigating and understanding the app. There review includes but not limited to a description of TikTok, how safe it is, recommended ages and appropriateness for children, how to make videos private, delete videos, parental controls (this was relieving to see), TikTok security, and other topics.

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