Twitter Friend or Foe?

To be honest it isn’t a friend or a foe I just don’t like to use it; so I guess you can say I am a reluctant user. I find myself forcing myself to use it and I see it as another social media app that just takes my time away from my life; something else that requires my attention and effort to keep up and maintain. I can appreciate the opportunities Twitter has to offer and the professional connections that could be made but at this point in my life I cannot give it the time I feel like it requires.

I did spend some time researching how Twitter could be used in the class for anyone who is interested I found this site:

How Can Twitter Be Used in the Classroom?

This academic article looks at using Twitter K-12: Using Twitter for education: Beneficial or simply a waste of time?   There are some great reasons as to why using Twitter in the classroom would be beneficial but do the cons outway the benefits? I will let you make your own decision.

I found this academic article using Twitter across educational settings but I felt it was more geared towards University levels  International Journal of Educational Technology of Higher Education 


5 thoughts on “Twitter Friend or Foe?

  1. Hi Christine! Thank you for the great resources! I really appreciate the evidence through research that you provided for the benefits of Twitter in the classroom. I have read many blogs that discuss how it has the potential to increase communication and engagement, however, was not aware of the research to back those ideas up. Like you, I find Twitter is not a natural part of my life and I do not think that will change after this course. I am not sure that it is something that I would use in my classes with my students either, as I do not want to ask my students to create accounts. If I were to use social media in the classroom I would lean more towards blogging.

    1. It’s a tough platform to sell especially in the elementary age groups. Definitely better platforms out there for sure.

  2. Like you, Christine, I’m a reluctant Twitter user, or maybe a reluctant Twitter poster. I checked out the article on ways to use Twitter in the classroom. The problem with some of these ideas is that they depend so much on student presence on Twitter, and most of my students don’t use this platform. I think there are a lot better platforms to function as a way to remind students and to engage with parents. I do like to use it as research to other links and articles, but I still don’t know that I would tell students to sign up for this use alone.

    1. 100% students would need to be active on Twitter and to be honest I don’t think at my grade level it would be worth my time and effort to teach them that. They are just learning (middle of the year) to find the print button, navigate google docs, create basic slides, and lastly use basic research. Twitter would be too overwhelming for them and for me to teach them it.

  3. Thank you for sharing your views. It’s understandable that you have mixed feelings about using Twitter and see it as another social media app that demands time and attention.
    It’s great that you took the initiative to research the potential benefits and drawbacks of using Twitter in the classroom. The academic articles you mentioned can provide valuable insights into the use of Twitter in education, both at the K-12 level and in higher education settings. It’s important to consider the specific context and requirements of your own teaching environment when weighing the pros and cons.

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