Come Do a Flip With Me

This week I tried The Flip app formerly known as Flip Grid. It is a video recording, editing, and posting software. I probably did not use it to its full potential. I was trying to do that with my first video, but then it froze when I was adding text, and then lost my video. This made me scared for my second video since I have strep throat and could not do a third.  Anyway, I found the app fairly easy to use. Truth be told I do not see a lot of difference between it and YouTube, either then it was less intuitive for me.

In the Classroom

The huge upside to it not being YouTube is that it is not YouTube! I’ll elaborate, if I were to have my students use YouTube to upload their videos there is a very good chance that they will get distracted by YouTube itself. As a future classroom teacher, I am in the business of shaping minds not giving students heck for getting distracted by an app that is literally designed to do so. Another pro, is that I can set up a group so that videos are only posted to my group and nowhere else on the web. I think if I were to play around with it a bit more and be less sick, I could find other pros.

The Video

Here is the video of my daily guitar practice that I created. Here is the link to Pro Guitar Tuner app that I cite in the video. Also the site that I got my beginner chords from. 

Take care out there,

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  1. Chayse Herriges says:

    Hi Cody!
    I am so sorry to hear that you have strep throat. That is super unfortunate that you were having problems with the app, I’m sure that was really frustrating. I think your point about using in the classroom as a way of keeping the students on task is really interesting! I would have never thought of that! Great video, hope you feel better soon!

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