The Blessings of Technology in my Daily Life!

The Blessings of Technology in my Daily Life!

Four years ago, I embarked on this daring journey leaving behind my aged parents, siblings, friends, and life as I knew it. I came to California where my husband and I only know each other. This new normal has made me appreciate technology more than I would have ever envisaged. I am often on video calls with my people back home, it sometimes feels like they are next door! It does not make up for the physical touch, or human connection but for the life, I want for myself, for the life the people that love me that I left behind wish for me, this is sufficient (till further notice). 

I cannot deny the daily blessings of technology in my daily life. Have you ever imagined how food was preserved prior to refrigerators being introduced? We are familiar with the mode of transportation back then, thanks to movies! The gaps technology has helped to bridge, the limitations it has taken care of. At the moment, I am blessed to be taking my master's classes in the comfort of my room. Even if that isn't the best, as a mother, I am super glad I have this option. Learning on zoom and other platforms has been pivotal to my staying sane these past years. 

When I was pregnant with my son three years ago, with no family member present, google was literarily my best friend!

I felt a kick that felt like the baby wants to come out of my belly button, is that normal?

Why do I feel like chewing ice?

And three years later, I still can’t quantify how much technology has been a blessing to me.

Giving so many accolades to technology has not blinded me from its dangers. However, the blessings to me supersede the cons. I have been conscious to use it in moderation and have a balance. Just like every other thing in life, excess of everything is bad. In summary, my daily life starts with my phone and ends with my phone, I watch movies and like to read feeds on social media platforms. I am working on using information communications technology more productively (like this blog) and in other ways too.

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  1. Wow! What a transition you made to leave everything you knew, to begin a new adventure. Although I cannot relate to this on the same level, during the lockdown, I was a new mom and relied heavily on the use of technology to not only engage with people but to ensure that the milestones that my kiddo was hitting were appropriate as we weren’t able to see the doctor. It was stressful, but I knew that if I was at least able to chat on the phone, text, Zoom, or Facetime that it made life better, it helped me through it. I hope that things are now going well for you and that soon you will be able to reunite with everyone once again!

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