Technology in the Classroom Enhances Learning

Technology in the Classroom Enhances Learning


Looking back at my high school days, there wasn’t much technology in Nigeria talk less in the classroom. The struggle was real. As a student, I took everything my teacher said hook line and sinker. There were no other opinions.

Such a burden on the teacher, whew! Man dreaming over books

These are my opinions drawn from the debate……

It has bridged the gap in accessibility to learning resources

There was a time when students only had access to just their teacher’s point of view and explanation. Now, students are able to get clarification online giving room for better understanding. Just maybe I would have been good in mathematics if I had access to khan academy and such resources rather than just the textbook and my teacher’s explanation. Moreso, online resources can be used to find updated information about literarily everything. Like my husband says, google is your friend (though annoying, I have found that to be true). Bored young African American woman resting on stack of books in classroom

Access to multiple resources

This can bring boring subjects to life by incorporating videos, virtual lessons, games, and so on. This makes learning easier for all kinds of learners. For instance, I am a visual learner, being able to watch videos helps give me a mental picture which translates to understanding. Sitting gray kitten in a round glasses, books and butterflies isolated on white background

Using technology in the classroom is like using a stone to kill two birds

You will agree with me that technology is the future. Students now have the opportunity of learning school work and how to maneuver gadgets concurrently. I had to go to a computer school after high school to learn about ‘control C’ and the like. With the exposure students are getting now, they get to know the nitty-gritty of using technology gadgets better than people like me that did not have access to technology in my classroom. Kill Two Bird With One Stone

Technology as a tool in the classroom carries every type of learner along.

Auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and every kind of learner is carried along when technological gadgets are employed in the classroom. Compared to the traditional method which often does not carry everyone along. Happy diverse school children students group building robotic vehicle robot cars using tablet computer education software apps. Kids learning programming sit at table at STEM coding engineering class.

Technology in the classroom can make learning fun and easy to remember.

smoke and shock

Incorporating technology devices in teaching can make time spent in the classroom more productive.

Still referencing my school days, I can say that I spent more time copying notes than I did learning. Yet sometimes notebooks get stolen and one is left hanging or one has to rewrite. The integration of technology has changed this narrative. Both the teacher and students can now spend time on the crux of the lesson.

It improves students’ engagement.

Although it is questionable what students are engaged with using a technology tool. Is it the colorful video that is getting their attention, the voice, or the technicality of the technological gadgets? However, students often pay rapt attention to lessons that incorporate the use of technology devices in the classroom.

Students can tailor their learning to suit them. 

Allows for differentiated learning resources.

Narrows limitation to knowledge

The goal of every teacher is for their students to flourish! Hence, we ought to set them up for the outside world. We know that technology is very much the present, and definitely, the future!

Dami’s View

3 thoughts on “Technology in the Classroom Enhances Learning

  1. Hi Dami – your comment that you used to follow whatever your teacher said really struck me. I never really thought about it, but that’s so true. I never questioned what my teachers said in elementary (mostly because the internet wasn’t a thing until I was well into high school). I never had a tool, like Google, to cross-reference what I was told….and yet now, I fact-check everything. I encourage my students to fact-check me too, and when we debate a topic, what do we do? Google it! It is definitely one of technology’s great benefits, so long as students are TAUGHT critical thinking skills when using the internet….that’s a whole different struggle. Thanks for the great read 🙂

  2. Hey Kim, thanks for being my first commenter! It is funny how we soaked everything in because we didn’t have the option of verifying. Even worse is that we could not get clarity on things that were not clear to us. More teachers should be like you and encourage their students to fact check, this will lead to them even trusting their teachers more.

  3. I really resonated when you said that at a time there was only the teacher’s perspective, and students basically had to go with it. Now, there is so much more access to different perspectives, opinions, and beliefs and students now can research concepts that they are questioning, and are more able to expand their knowledge bases. Oftentimes, when I am teaching, I encourage students to participate by sharing their own ideas, thoughts, and opinions, and I ask them to help with spelling and fact-checking often. I always tell them that adults make mistakes too and that it is important for us to admit to those mistakes, become educated, and move forward with the correct information. I think in today’s world kiddos don’t have enough time to make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. Oftentimes, I find that kiddos are scared to make mistakes, and thus create stories to try to get out of those mistakes. Great post! You left a lot to think about! 🙂

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