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My reaction when I came to know Gadgets ≠ Technology

Today’s world demands the use of technology. We are living in a tech-oriented world but the term technology has been with us for a very long time. Before this class, I thought anything that is digital and makes our lives easier is technology. The gadgets or tools that we purchase are technology… I never thought that even chalk and board is technology… moreover, a wooden log (if used appropriately) is technology. So, yes… Anything that makes our life easier is technology. Concerning education, it provides a vast space for learning and interactions.

During ancient times, Hieroglyphics, Abacus, Quill pen, printing press etc. were used in the education system. These tools were made to make humans’ life easy. Tony Bates wrote that BBC began broadcasting educational radio programs for schools in the 1920s. Also, Michael Molenda,2007 mentioned that BBC began regular television broadcasts in 1936. There was Educational Television and regular programs were offered in US, Germany, and France. So, it is not only about the internet or computers, the tech tools have been with us throughout our whole life.

This week’s readings made me wonder about the actual definition of Educational technology. Educational technology is much more than computers and networks. Pencils, paper, pens and many more things are also considered technology. The practice of oral teaching has changed drastically. This evolution in technology has helped people, they can gain knowledge from wherever they want to. Additionally, the classroom has become more interactive than it was before. Now the classes are less teacher-oriented, and students can interact and engage more…

Before this pandemic, I was not a tech-savvy person. I use to make my schedule by writing in my diary… I would say I was more of a writing-savvy kind of person (if this makes sense… :D) During my college and school days, I always use to write and my mom was always worried about my handwriting.

But now, everything has changed significantly and we use tech tools in classrooms. I have also been using several tech tools in my classrooms. I think using educational technologies is beneficial for both students and teachers. It makes classes interactive and creative. Students are always learning new things and are trying to explore more. Besides these gadgets, everything we use in the classroom is a form of technology. At last, for me, I would define the term as –

Educational Technology refers to tools and techniques that makes learning and teaching interactive. Not only interactive, these tools makes learning easier and engaging. 

Thus, this week’s class and readings have changed my understanding of educational technology. The video given below also talks about the same understanding of educational technology.

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