Keeping it spooky

After Halloween, I decided to make cookies from scratch but with a twist to them! These were honestly easier than I thought and it was also fun to make. With the assist of my partner, I thought this could be an enjoyable time while also working on my learning project. What I wanted to do was make chocolate chip cookies with the Pilsbury pumpkin cookies placed in the center of them.

Although I did not track the whole process of them again (might have looked repetitive), I did get a final product photo and let me tell you, boy oh boy were they delicious.

I did not just want it to be basic Pilsbury cookie dough plus Pilsbury pumpkin cookie dough so, I made the chocolate chip cookie dough from scratch. The recipe that I used was meant for chewy cookies and they did not disappoint! Below is what my final product looked like:

This time, I did however mess up the spacing. I did not allow for enough space between cookies which resulted in them becoming squished and disformed. Lucky enough, and obviously, it did not effect the taste and they were still a delicious treat. I still have lots of aspects to work on but as time goes on, I am getting better, and getting closer to achieving my learning goal.

Have any of you guys ever tried baking cookies in this kind of style before? If not, I would highly recommend!

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