Just Keep Swimming

Hey all,

In regards to coding, I decided to do the Hour of Code. The game that I decided to complete what titled Feed The Fish. 

This game was relatively fun as you were tasked with catching the food that dropped from the top of the screen. The goal was to catch as many as you could. Once I got into the coding portion, it was a long, 16-step process to get to the finished product. Although these steps were all very useful and they gave hints, practice problems and extensions along the way, I feel as if they could have been condensed into less steps or a shorter duration. Below is the requirements for the final step to show how in-depth it went:

One thing that was essential to this coding was the indents (green bars on the left). If these were not in place for given functions than the activity would not work.

Overall, I do not feel like I learned a ton, however, in the future this could be a useful website in regards to coding if it is ever needed. I wish this game allowed you to create your own version after learning all of the steps. One cool thing about it was the amount of options one could select when given the opportunity to create their own version. By the looks of it, there were plenty of options and one game could get very complex through those options.

When coding may be needed in the future, I do believe this could be a key life skill. I am not entirely sure when we may come across something where we need this skill in our profession, however, it is fun to play around with.

Below is the certificate that I earned by completing all the necessary steps.

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2 Responses to Just Keep Swimming

  1. Bernice Hauck says:

    That’s super cool. I also did an hour of code, but I did a little dinosaur game that you can see in my post about it. Great post!


  2. Esin says:

    Hahaha, I found a game to play during the Christmas break.
    I have also done an hour of code.
    Congratulations on your certificate!

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