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Hey everyone,

We are nearing the end soon!

As I wrap up my learning project soon, I wanted to take this week and indulge into doing more research as I ramp up the complexity. Next week I will be making homemade dinner buns. A couple things that I have discovered was about things to do, not do, and include. Starting off, I want to discuss the things one should not do when making buns. A few of the main takeaways were let your dough rise, do not use too much flour, and do not let the buns burn. Using too much flour shocked me at the start as I did not know about this but it can actually make your buns extremely tough and hard.

One of the best things that I have seen is to use room temperature ingredients especially milk. Basting the top of the buns with warm milk will allow for a good colour and texture to form.

Lastly, it seems as if baking a loaf of bread is similar to baking a bun other than the fact a loaf of bread serves a family while a bun is a single-serving.

I hope to succeed when making my buns next post and we will see how they turn out! Have any of you ever baked homemade buns or bread? If so, how did they turn out?

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