Switching it up!

Hey everyone,

Switching it up, I wanted to move off of muffins, cookies and the Halloween theme in general and move back towards the cupcake/cake side of baking! Hence, why I decided to make cupcakes again for this week. For those who may not have followed my journey as close, I have taken it pretty slow up to this point but I wanted to try to pick it up a notch for now going forward.

Jumping right in, I wanted to switch it up this time and make plain, vanilla batter cupcakes. Although I made chocolate last time, my dad is a HUGE vanilla fan so he was happy when he heard I was trying these out. We do not have many recipes at home so I decided to take to Google and came up with what I think is a good one!

After finding a recipe, and like last time, you need frosting with a cupcake right??? On the same site, they actually had a recipe that they suggested when making their cupcakes so I thought I would give it a try. Let me be the first to tell you, I highly suggest this recipe!!!

Below is a series illustrating some of my process while making these cupcakes:

These are all of the ingredients used in the process. All-purpose flour, sugar, 2 eggs, baking powder, salt, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, unsalted butter, water and icing sugar.

In goes the cupcakes.

All completed, time to adds everyone’s favourite part, icing!

They are all completed!

One close up to see some of the finer details. They’re very tasty!

As you can see, it was a bit of a process again, however it worked out very well in the end. I feel as if I am finally becoming comfortable baking and enjoying the process. One thing that brings me the most joy from baking so far is seeing my family, friends and others enjoy the flavour and excitement when giving them delicious treats!

Do any of you bake for you family or friends? It is an easy way to make someone’s day!

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