It’s The Final Blog Post

Over this semester, I have been doing a learning project for my EDTC 300 class. I have explored many learning resources for playing guitar and found the best ways to learn. I have also significantly improved from only knowing three chords and the basics of strumming my guitar.

The first resource I explored was Guitar Tricks, an online website¬†to help beginners learn to play guitar. This taught me a lot about my guitar that I didn’t know before. Mainly how to properly tune, which I do every time I play my guitar. It also taught me the string names Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie.

Next, I moved on to the Simply Guitar app which gave me a deep look into the beginnings of learning how to play guitar.  This app helped me know how to properly change between chords, and I have improved at doing so over time.

After that, I learned my first Song, “Riptide” by Vance Joy. This was from a Youtube video showing me how to play the song.

I then found another Youtube video by someone else that showed me how to play “Lost Boy” by Ruth B.

Finally, I found a website that worked perfectly for me. It had everything I wanted to learn guitar online. Tabs was the perfect website, and I finished on here. I learn many different songs on Tabs by Alec Benjamin, Taylor Swift and more. The website also doubled as an app on my phone and would show me the chords and lyrics to every song I wanted to play. All I had to do was search for it. The app also had a built-in runner, which was very helpful. Along with this, every song mentioned its key and all its chords. It also gives a playable example of the strumming pattern recommended for the song.

I learned much throughout this learning protect and have improved so much in my guitar playing. I can’t wait to learn more and find other resources as time passes. But this is where I am at the end of this semester.

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