How I Contributed

Throughout my EDTC 300 class, I have learned a lot and also helped other students in the class. I have contributed and offered advice and encouragement to some of my friends in the class, which can be seen in my Twitter replies and in some of the responses I have made to my classmate’s blogs. […]

Cat vs. Apple

We were recently tasked with creating a little game on Scratch, and we needed to share it here on our blogs. while doing this project on Scratch, I learned a lot about how coding works. Scratch opened my eyes up to the basics of coding and how everything in it is connected. Scratch is really […]

Speak Now

This week I found a brand new app on my phone that was recommended to me by my mom. The app doubles as a website and is called Tabs. This app is extremely helpful, and the website works well too. The app provides you with different courses that you can take to learn and improve […]

Staying Safe In Cyber Space

Cyber safety was talked about a lot in my schooling. I grew up during the rise of social media platforms, where cyberbullying was significantly high. We had at least two talks a year with counsellors or the local police on staying safe online. This started during the time that Amanda Todd’s story was first coming […]