Hello world!

Social Media has never been a favourite of mine, for many reasons.  I was well set into my life, work, and routine, when social media became truly popular.  I was a busy Mom, teacher, and I did not see the benefit and I certainly did not have the time.

I am at the point where I need and want to learn.  I have witnessed my own teenagers rely on social media to communicate during isolation, and for me to learn what is happening in the world with colleagues, friends, and family has been a gift – so thank you social media.  I never thought I would say that!

I can be a positive role model for my students by modeling the behaviour I would like them to express on their social media. Children and young people tend to copy behaviours so it’s important to reflect the same values I would like them to adopt.  I would like to learn and experience with my EC&I classmates, how important it is to teach young students the value of open communication.  Looking for ways to be positive and ‘do’ good by using their social media following is so important, whether it’s promoting a cause that will benefit others or sharing something that will offer support and contribute positively to their digital footprint.

I teach Grade 4 and this age is not too young to teach the value of connections and relationships and also equip them with the appropriate tools to stay in control of who and what they put ‘out there’ and share on their accounts.  I also want my students to understand the importance of balance.  Encouraging them to form strong in-real-life relationships outside of social media is crucial, to ensure they aren’t over-reliant on approval and opinions of relationships that are purely online, which may negatively impact them.  This is a great age to begin this journey, and I am excited to share what I learn with them!