Educators have the responsibility to use technology and social media to promote social justice.

Should educators use “social media” to promote social justice?

It was fascinating to hear the heated debate between the two teams on this topic. Teachers are indeed supposed to educate and promote social justice. These advocates, hope to build a society in which people have equal access to resources and receive fair treatment regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexuality, income level, or disability.

Once teachers are able to foster a learning environment that enables thoughtful discussions with a variety of opinions and perspectives, they can facilitate conversations about real-world issues that affect students’ everyday lives. So, why use or do it on social media? This video is a good example

Students need and must be able to identify real-world problems and deal critically with them. This is a topic that will continue to gain importance in the years to come. I would say, speak your truth, speak up about injustice. Be part of the solution by not avoiding the problem with inaction.

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