My Reflections: Summary of Learning!

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It feels so good when we state what we have learned. No doubt, I have a lot of things to take from EC&I832, tried many new things digitally like Twitter, TikTok, Discord, and browsed a lot more apps as well. However, I am not stopping here and still have many things to learn and I am going to continue growing with my journey. Media impacts every aspect of our lives, specifically affecting the way we relate to, learn about, and interact with the people around us. Whether it be through social media, blogs, advertising, or the nightly news, all aspects of media cumulatively affect our perception of the world and what is happening within it. With such an incredible impact on our daily lives, the ability to navigate, verify, and trust information is vital for everyone.

Through my “Summary of Learning”, in a Padlet, I am sharing a few topics which we have learned and shared with each other. It has been a great journey and for me, learning about Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy is a great opportunity as it was something new and with the help of Alec and other Classmates; I am able to learn how I can incorporate and integrate it into my classroom with my students as well as at home with our kids.

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“Technology opens the door to the world. It’s up to us to walk through it in a meaningful and respectful way.”


Buncee - Digital Citizenship

Thank You!

Gunpreesh Kaur

3 thoughts on “My Reflections: Summary of Learning!

  1. Wow, what a great job using the QR code to present your Summary of Learning. I like how you introduce the reverse engineering concept to teachers in order to improve the use of technology in the classroom. When you stated “Imagine the profile of a media literate student”, that is a wonderful way of focusing on the clear objectives you want to attain when supporting students to attain skills to be successful in this day and age. I would also agree about Common Sense Media as being a wonderful resource. I support your passion regarding this topic and I would even say that Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy needs to become one of the pillars of learning for our students.

  2. I too like how you used Padlet to show your learning. I know that Gerry and Megan also did one, and it’s so neat to see how the three of you used different ways to show your learning. I like how you used Padlet as a way to summarize your learning. Great job!

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