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For this blog post, I decided to try out the Maps coding game on Hour of Code

I thought this game was really enjoyable. The coding in the game started simple, but still kind of challenging. However, as the levels progressed, the coding became harder.  I also enjoyed this game as it included history. The routes you were coding for were historical routes groups had taken. The game also included some facts along the top. I am a huge history nerd so I found these factors really interesting. 

I found it a lot easier to code when there were guidelines for where the transportation needed to go. I also enjoyed trying all the different codes, like multiple moves, moving until, and landing. However, I think students who lack confidence in their abilities may struggle with coding as it is a lot of trial and error. 

Example of level with guidelines
Example of level without guidelines





Overall, I knew I would enjoy this activity as I have done it before. In middle school, my science teacher was able to get a Sphero, which is a little robot that you can code using an app on an iPad. 

One type of Sphero
Example of coding








When we did this, we had to work in groups to create a code for Sphero to follow. I always found this enjoyable but could be frustrating as it was hard for everyone to get their opinions in. I liked doing coding on this website as I was able to do it on my own. I also enjoyed all the different options of games to try out. 

I think coding is extremely important as it is the way we can get new apps and websites. In school, I think coding is important as it can be a fun way to promote logical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. It is also something that fosters creative thinking, as students can choose how they set up the code. Lastly, it can help students gain confidence in their abilities as there is no harm in failing. If the students do not get the outcome they want, they are able to fix it and try again until they get it correct without criticism from others.

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  1. Hi Hailley,
    I enjoyed reading your post and I totally agree with you that teaching students coding is important because it’s another fun way to promote logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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