Month: March 2023

Fin. (final walkthrough)

Welcome to the finale of the semester-long process of my course creation! I put a lot of hard work and time into each of my blog posts, most of which are linked below, and in the course itself, so I hope you enjoy the culmination of my process and...
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A little SIP of my classroom (Student Interaction Pieces)

The forms of student and student-instructor interactions I’m planning on implementing in my course prototype include F2F interactions, Teams chat or posts (in which students/teacher can comment/respond to), Parlay, journals (unsure of medium yet), and Flip. This may seem like a little too much, but I like to think...
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3 (or more) sets of eyes are better than 1

As mentioned in last week’s Zoom meeting, we are often too hyper-focused on our own projects to have that “outsider” view that is so critical in improving our work, so I am grateful for the feedback I received for my prototype and module #1. With a course focused on...
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