Category: Course prototype

Fin. (final walkthrough)

Welcome to the finale of the semester-long process of my course creation! I put a lot of hard work and time into each of my blog posts, most of which are linked below, and in the course itself, so I hope you enjoy the culmination of my process and...
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Course framework/module 1

As a quick reminder, the course/unit I am building is for ELA A30 (grade 12, Canadian Perspectives unit). I find it easiest to map out courses/units using a calendar, so I have stuck to this method for my course framework (I just chose to frame it using next month’s...
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Acknowledge the scandalous (course profile)

Hi everyone! I am sharing my course profile below. You know when you’ve been looking at the same document for hours and hours and you’re convinced there’s nothing missing, so you submit it or post it or print all your student copies and THEN notice the typo or lack...
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