Category: Major project

Final project: Digital Literacy 10 (a course prototype of sorts)

Hi everyone! I am including the digital copy of my final project, as well as a brief video walkthrough/summary. Technology on both my personal and work computer were not cooperating at all in finalizing this project (I added about 6 hours to my project just trying to figure out...
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Homestretch update!

@jacquies_journey Hereโ€™s my final final project update! In the homestretch now, people! #eci832 โ™ฌ original sound – Jacquie  ...
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Project rundown

Hey there 832 crew! I will be documenting my process and progress with my major project in a vlog style. Feel free to follow along and add any comments or suggestions at any point in the creation of this project! As I mention at the beginning of this week’s...
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