You Are The Musician

This week I tried out the app Yousician, this app was amazing. I put time aside every evening and I have a reminder on my phone for 9 pm every day to pick up my ukulele. I started by making an account and using the free trial. Right from the beginning, they ask for permission to use the microphone on my phone. Then it went right into tuning the ukelele. It showed what string to pluck in an introduction video, as well as how to pluck it. I did have a tuner that came with the ukulele when I bought it, but I wanted to see how accurate the app was. I tuned it using the app and then later tried it on my tuner.


I had to make a slight change to the first string, but the others were perfect. There then was an introduction video where it showed the different parts of the ukelele and how to hold it. After all this was done, I worked on open tabs. There is a video that shows how to play an open string and then you play along with music in the background. You start playing your first song while the app listens to see if you played the right string. In the end, I got an award for completing my first song as well as a notification, saying I was going on a streak. This first week, I just played around with learning new concepts and building the concepts that were taught. I moved onto frets, and the cords after that. These both use the video method first with someone demonstrating how to do it. Then moved onto a song where you can practice as many times as you want. You got to see where to put your fingers with the easy to follow diagrams. There is a circle that you follow to tell if you are on time or now. It shows when to play the note.

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