Am I a Passive Scroller?

Technology plays a huge role in my life today. I use my phone, MacBook Air, and iPad daily. With my iPad, I use the app Goodnotes quite frequently. This is where I write my notes from my lectures and I also use it for drawing. Recently I have been getting into line work. I also use my iPad to listen to music while I’m doing something around the house or even while doing assignments. This is helpful because it’s a bigger screen than my phone. On my MacBook, I use Microsoft, Google Docs, Google Chrome, ChatGPT, and Grammarly. I also have an app called Stickies where I can put sticky notes on my home screen. I have one in the top right of my screen that has all of my assignments and due dates for that semester. I like this because when I finish an assignment I can take it off the list and seeing the list get smaller is pleasing to me. With my phone, I use a lot of social media apps. I use FaceTime and messages every day to talk to my family. My siblings and mom call me every day to talk about our days. I also use Instagram, TikTok, Gmail, and Notes app. These apps are used daily for me through social media. I do get distracted at night and tend to be a passive night scroller. This isn’t the healthiest way and I want to work on reading before bed instead of going on my phone. With technology, I tend to do a bit of school work each day. This helps with assignments piling up. I do also take time to be on apps for entertainment too. I want to work on creating a healthier boundary between my phone and myself.


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